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Fallout 76 Canned Meat Stew Mystery – What is it?

A Fallout 76 canned meat stew mystery is baffling players in the wasteland of West Virginia. People immersing themselves in Bethesda’s new online multiplayer world have been left confused over this stew that keeps showing up in their inventory. Just what could be the cause of such a mystery?

Fallout 76 Canned Meat Stew Mystery – What is the Mystery?

The Fallout 76 canned meat stew mystery has been present in the game ever since it was officially released on November 14. Players have been quick to flocked online to make mention of the conundrum, especially on the Fallout 76 reddit pages.

Some players have reported that they keep finding the canned meat stew in their possession around the Ash Heap mine area, while others have been left baffled by the stew popping up in their inventory just from exploring Fallout 76‘s map. It doesn’t appear to be a huge issue, save for those who don’t want to become encumbered by carrying so much stew around with them, but the mystery has led to questions about what the deal is with it.

Fallout 76 Canned Meat Stew Mystery – Is There a Solution to This Yet?

One Fallout 76 Sherlock Holmes fan has sussed out what on Earth is going on. T8hundred84 took to Reddit to reveal how they had worked out the mystery. There’s an event that takes place in Fallout 76 called “Feed the People”, which occurs at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing factory in Morgantown in the Appalachia region.

Completing this event – which requires players to defend the canning machines at Mama Dolce’s for 20 minutes – earns a tasty reward. Namely, the continuous supply of canned meat stew. This consumable appears to pop up in players’ inventories when the event is completed, and feeds the entire server that you’re playing on. It seems that there’s no major bug relating to this then, and it’s just Bethesda giving out treats to players present on servers where the event is completed.