Fallout 76 Enemy Health Regenerating – How to Fix

While there are plenty of things wrong with Bethesda’s latest RPG, the combat isn’t one of them. Which is why the Fallout 76 enemy health regenerating bug can prove so troublesome. It can get so bad, in fact, that you’d swear that there are invincible enemies in the game, impervious to bullets. That’s not quite the case. As ever, the fact that you can’t kill enemies in Fallout 76 boils down to a strange glitch. Here’s how to fix the enemy health regenerating bug, as well as the issue with grey health bars.

What is the Fallout 76 Enemy Health Regenerating Bug?

Players from Reddit to the Bethesda forums have come across a bug which appears to boil down to enemies being shot, potentially dying, but their health bar going grey. Once that happens, they’ll regen back to either full health or the amount of health they were on before you shot them. Here’s the kicker: they won’t be able to take any damage from bullets after that and, for all intents and purposes, are in God Mode/invincible. Run.

Fallout 76 Enemy Health Regenerating Bug – How to Fix

So, yeah, about that running thing. Actually not the worst idea in the world. Outside of Bethesda delivering the fix through a patch, there’s a handful of options you can choose from to stop this from cropping up.

Absolutely the most important method to fix the health regen bug in Fallout 76 is to stop using explosive rounds and/or stop using explosive rounds with legendary weapons. It’s a well-known bug at the moment that causes invincible enemies. Fallout 76, everybody.

Remember how I said the enemies wouldn’t be able to take damage from bullets? That doesn’t apply to melee weapons. If you’ve got a melee build, or feel confident enough in knocking seven shades of you-know-what out of your foe, feel free to give them a good kicking that way.

Finally, you can always try logging out and logging back in if you’ve aggroed one too many enemies. It may just save some valuable resources if you find a safe enough spot to get out of dodge. Still, abstaining from using explosive rounds until Bethesda fixes the Fallout 76 invincible enemies glitch is your best bet by far.