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Black Ops 4 MX9 Suppressor Bug – How to Fix

It would appear that there’s a Call of Duty Black Ops 4 MX9 suppressor bug that’s plaguing players. Those who wish to use the MX9 during matches are finding that their suppressor attachment isn’t showing up, despite it already being attached. Is there a Black Ops 4 MX9 suppressor bug fix then and, if so, what’s the solution?

Black Ops 4 MX9 Suppressor Bug – What is the Problem?

The MX9 is a sub-machine gun that is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It’s become a staple for some players due to its all-round ability. Its good rate of fire, average damage, and decent range mean that, if you’re caught in a conundrum, it may get you out of a bad situation, normally involving zombies, bad guys, or a mixture of the two.

The addition of the suppressor attachment should mean that players can silently kill enemies with the MX9, instead of it making a ton of noise and alerting people to your position. The issue, however, is that players are finding that their MX9 isn’t silently firing despite the suppressor being attached. Is this a bug that Treyarch are looking to fix, or is there more at play here?

Black Ops 4 MX9 Suppressor Bug – How do I Fix This Problem?

There hasn’t been official confirmation from Activision or Treyarch about this error, but players have found out how the suppressor may not be getting attached properly. Some Black Ops 4 players may have their clan tag – a tag which shows what team they’re a part of – or a kill counter attached to their MX9. Having either of these equipped seems to prevent the game form registering if the suppressor is attached or not, hence it isn’t helping you fire your weapon silently.

Simply remove the clan tag or kill counter, re-attach the suppressor, and this should fix the problem for you. If it doesn’t, you may need to lodge an error ticket at the Black Ops 4 support forum here.