Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii Cheats



For the dolphin. They aren't really unlockables, but they do help.

Tail Walk - touch on fin

Sing - Rub on fin

Spin Jump - tap on mouth

Backflip - grab on mouth

Handshake - grab on fin

Front Flip - rub on mouth


This all the songs we have unlocked so far.

Pokarekare Ana - save the bottlenose dolphin

Prayer - it's at the beginning screen

The Water is Wide - View credits (gaze at ocean around 6 pm (clock in cabin))

Shenandoah - go in the mermaid's cave

Benedictus - Abyss

Amazing Grace - Go to the ruins

View Staff Credits

When it's sunset in-game (approx. after 6pm on the clock in the boat's cabin), sit on the deck chair, and look out over the horizon as usual to view a special cut-scene with Staff Credits.