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Fallout 76 Max Special Stats – How to Max Special Stats

While Fallout 76 has been in the hands of survivors for a little while now, new things are being discovered all the time, including how to get Fallout 76 max Special Stats. In this guide, we’ll tell you all you could ever need to know about max Special Stats in Fallout 76, such as what Special Stats are and how you can max them out.

Fallout 76 Max Special Stats – What Are Special Stats and Perk Cards?

Special Stats in Fallout 76 work a little differently from how they have done before. Essentially, each time you level up in Fallout 76, you’ll be granted one Special Stat increase and a choice of one Perk Card from a set. Unlike in Fallout 4, for example, each Special Stat you upgrade can hold a total of 15 point slots, rather than 10. Your Perk Cards will upgrade your abilities this time around.

There are seven Special Stats in Fallout 76: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Every time you level a Special Stat up, you will increase each stat. Increased Endurance will award you with higher HP, for example. After level 50, you cannot increase your Special Stats, but you will continue to receive Perk Cards.

Each Perk Card is awarded a weight, and you can equip a maximum total of 15 Perk Cards to each Special Stat, meaning a grand total of 105 Special Points are available. These Cards add bonus abilities to the ones you have already unlocked upon leveling up your Special Stat. You’ll be awarded a Perk Card Pack upon leveling up, too, so look out for those as they will grant you a bunch of Cards.

Card Packs come at two level intervals beginning at level 4, until you hit level 10, after this, you will be given a Perk Card Pack every fifth level. With the Special Stats and Perk Cards, how you level up in Fallout 76 is entirely up to you. Be wary though, as Perk Cards can only be equipped when you reach a certain level in that Special Stat field. For example, a Strength Perk Card worth 3 points can only be equipped when your Strength stat is at level 3. You can swap your Perk Cards around at any time, however.

Fallout 76 Max Special Stats – Is It Possible To Max Special Stats?

Fallout 76 Max Special Stats

As stated above, you will be given a Special Stat increase every time you level up, right up to level 50. You start at level one with seven Special Stat Points and you will keep earning them until you hit level 50. In total, that’s 56 Special Stat Points. Unfortunately, Bobbleheads don’t give us permanent Special Stat points as they have done in the past.

All you need to do to reach the maximum level of Special Stat points is reach level 50. Our guide on how to level up fast in Fallout 76 should help you with this. You can’t however, as of writing, completely max your Special Stats in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Max Special Stats – How to Max Special Stats

As it stands, we cannot completely maximize our Special Stats in Fallout 76. While we can level up and unlock all the Special Stats Points, we simply cannot achieve the full 105/105 Special Stats boost with our Perk Cards. While each Special Stat can hold a total of 15 Perk Cards, we are only limited to 56 points out of 105 in total through leveling up. You can fully Max three Special Stats for 45 points, with 11 to spare.

Items such as Bobbleheads and Magazines can upgrade your stats for a limited time, however. The other way to maximize your stats in Fallout 76 is through mutations. There are a number of ways to pick mutations up, but we recommend purchasing Mutation Serums, which give you the benefits without any of the nasty side effects for an hour. Our guide on where to find Mutation Serums might be of help.

Fallout 76 Max Special Stats – What Happens When You Max Special Stats?

When you maximize your Special Stats in Fallout 76, you will be stronger, faster, and generally far more able to do anything in the dangerous landscapes of West Virginia. Again, your maximum Special Stats can only be 56/105 as of writing.

With some careful planning, however, you will be able to level up in all the areas you require with ease. Want to be an expert at sneaking, but with a high carry limit? Level up your Strength and Agility Special Stat nodes.