Box art - Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 New Game Plus – Does it Have One?

Will Darksiders 3 New Game Plus be an option in the series’ latest entry? It’s a question that fans of the franchise are wondering since the game was released on November 27. Here’s our take on whether the third installment in the series will have a progress carry over mode.

What Is New Game Plus?

Some developers have begun adding in a new game plus mode that unlocks when players complete their first playthrough of games. These usually offer new difficulty settings and give players the chance to replay story campaigns with all of their equipment from their previous runthrough.

It also allows developers to retain the player’s focus on the game beyond the first run, especially if there’s no multiplayer or DLC options available once a game has been completed. Players are under no obligation to play new game plus mode, but when achievements and trophies are tied to them, those completionists among us can’t resist the allure.

Is There a Darksiders 3 New Game Plus?

No. With that said, according to developer Gunfire Games and publisher THQ, Darksiders 3 would “likely have” had a new game plus mode. That comment was made during an IGN interview ahead of the game’s launch day. However, members of our own staff have revealed that Darksiders 3 new game plus mode isn’t available in the final product.

Why Isn’t There a Darksiders 3 New Game Plus Mode?

Who knows? It does seem strange that Gunfire Games would state that it was almost certainly going to appear in their latest title. It might be that there simply wasn’t enough time to code a new game plus mode into Darksiders 3 ahead of the game’s launch. There’s every chance that this could be patched into the game in a future update, particularly if enough players want it, but for now, the feature simply does not exist.