Box art - Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 Story Length – How Long to Beat?

Anyone who has played the prior games might be curious about the Darksiders 3 story length. All three are RPGs in some capacity, which means their hour count can vary. So how lonng is Darksiders 3? And what else is there to do after you reach the credits?

Darksiders 3 Story Length – How Long Does It Take to Beat?

While you may differ in your final playtime, the Darksiders 3 story length is the shortest of the three games. The game will likely take you around 14 to 16 hours depending on how much you meander around the game’s string of interconnected levels.

This is just slightly below the last two games. The original Darksiders was around 16 to 18 hours and didn’t have much side content outside of a few collectibles. Tracking those collectibles down did extend the game for a few hours. Darksiders 2 was a bit longer, clocking in at over 20 hours, which was thanks to its bigger world and extra side missions.

Darksiders 3 Story Length – What Else Is There to Do?

Darksiders 3 oddly does not have much to do outside of the normal linear story. There are a few collectibles used for crafting armor and humans you can find in exchange for a reward from Ulthane. There are 20 humans and dozens of crafting collectibles but there is no way to track what you have collected nor is there a map. This makes collecting take a bit more time than usual and can artificially balloon your playtime if you choose to try to find everything.

Darksiders 3 also does not have many other side missions to do. Aside from discovering the aforementioned humans, you can only find a few optional boss fights. There are usually minibosses that drop an Essence of a Chosen after death. These are also used for crafting better Enhancements that you slot on your weapons. There’s also a bigger optional fight later in the game. So how long is Darksiders 3? Well, it’s oddly going to be similar for most people.