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Can’t Access Red Dead Online on Xbox One – Is There a Fix?

The Red Dead Online beta is going swimmingly for some Xbox One fans, it seems. Some simply can’t access Red Dead Online on Xbox One, despite it being available already to those who have the game’s Ultimate Edition. So, is there a fix for Red Dead Online on Xbox One? Or are those players going to have to put up with a couple of excruciating days of waiting to play?

Can’t Access Red Dead Online on Xbox One – What is the Problem?

Those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition have been granted early access to the Red Dead Online beta. This is down to Rockstar rewarding them for buying the more expensive edition of the game, and as a way to start slowly testing server loads for their online multiplayer mode.

The problem for Xbox One players is that they can’t access the beta full stop, with those playing on Microsoft’s console not able to connect to the online servers. Plenty have taken to social media, such as Twitter and Reddit, to complain about the issue. So, is Rockstar aware of it and is a fix incoming?

Can’t Access Red Dead Online on Xbox One – Is There a Fix?

There is now, yes. Rockstar Support had issued a statement on Tuesday morning to explain that they were investigating the issue, but that no fix had been found yet. Now, the same Twitter account has confirmed that the bug has been resolved, and Xbox One players should be able to access Red Dead Online from the home screen.

Can’t Access Red Dead Online on Xbox One – Has This Happened Before?

In other online multiplayer games on Xbox One, yes. Fallout 76 and Fortnite have been beset by server problems and other Xbox-only related issues in the second half of this year, so this isn’t a standalone Rockstar problem. Thankfully, the problem has a solution now, and players can enjoy immersing themselves in Red Dead Online.