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Destiny 2 1.29 Update Patch Notes – What’s New?

Here we go. The Destiny 2 1.29 update is currently rolling out and, as it’s a mammoth 9.5 GB download, you’re probably asking yourself “What’s changed in the new Destiny 2 update?” Well, below, we’ll sift through some of the key changes found in the Destiny 2 1.29 update patch notes, including loading screen fixes, weapon nerfs, and other bug fixes. There’s even a link through to the complete, extensive changelog down below, too.

Destiny 2 1.29 Update – Load Times

Praise be to Bungie! If you were pulling your hair out at heading from Nessus, to Mars, to the Tower and then back again thanks to the extremely slow Destiny 2 load times on consoles, then you can start feeling a little more relaxed again.

That’s because “improved activity and destination load times on consoles” is bundled with this update. Bungie has also confirmed that it’s looking into slow response times for inventory screens and switching between tabs in the menu.

Destiny 2 1.29 Update – Weapon Nerfs and Changes

Some of the general weapon nerfs in the 1.29 update may upset a few who were hoping for other weapons to be covered. Still, some might be pleased to know that the shotgun has gotten a downgrade with the Trench Barrel perk now deactivating after only three shots instead of how many shots you could fire in a short space of time. IKELOS shotgun users might have every right to grumble about that.

The other major nerf comes with the Ace of Spades. The Memento Mori has now been reduced to five bullets.

Elsewhere there are buffs aplenty. General machine guns have better accuracy while SMGs now have better range. The Prometheus Lens, too, is now 10% more powerful than before.

Destiny 2 1.29 Update – Crucible

Over to the Crucible, now. Mayhem, Lockdown and Showdown are now available again in rotating playlists, as well as the three new pinnacle weapons, Loaded Question, Mountaintop, and Breakneck. Head to Shaxx if you’re looking to get those.

Destiny 2 1.29 Update – Miscellaneous Fixes

There’s a whole bunch of fixes, minor or otherwise, that have come attached to the 1.29 update. There’s a hotkey for screenshots on PC (The “Print Screen” button in a real shocker), a brightness fix for those using HDR, and even a fix to the Rainmaker consumable, as it didn’t bestow upon you extortionate amounts Glimmer upon killing enemies.

Destiny 2 1.29 Update – Patch Notes

For the full Destiny changelog on Bungie’s site1.29 update patch notes, head over to the . We’ve hit the main topics, now it’s time to dive into the itty-bitty details that make up the crux of the Season of the Forge changes.