Painkiller: Resurrection Xbox360 Cheats

Cheat Codes

These cheats are for the Daydream and Insomnia difficulties. First You'll have to bring up the console by pressing [~] and then type them in:

pkhaste - Toggle Haste.

pkweaponmodifier - Toggle 'Weapon modifier mode'.

weaponspecular - Toggles 'Weapon specular'.

pkhealth - Full Health.

pkammo - Full Ammo.

pkgod - God Mode.

pkweapons - All weapons.

pkgold - Add gold.

pkweakenemies - Toggle 'Enemies get 1 health point'.

pkkeepbodies - Toggle 'Bodies will never disappear'.

pkpower - Full ammo and health.

pkdemon - Toggle 'Demon morph'.

pkalwaysgib - Toggle 'Excessive gibbage'.

pkkeepdecals - Toggle 'Decals will never disappear'.