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Red Dead Online Microtransactions – What They Are and When They’re Available

Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer mode Red Dead Online is available to play in beta form. Like Grand Theft Auto Online, gamers are fully expecting Red Dead Online microtransactions to be part of the experience. With more players being able to access the beta, will Red Dead Online microtransactions be included straight away? If so, what will they consist of?

What Are Red Dead Online Microtransactions?

Microtransactions are in-game items that require players to stump up real world cash in order to buy them. In other games over the past few years, gamers have been able to complete microtransactions by two main methods. Players can either buy in-game items outright with their own money, or buy in-game digital cards that then allow them to make purchases.

Red Dead Online Microtransactions – What Will Red Dead Online’s Digital Equivalent be?

Rockstar Games employed Shark Cards in GTA Online as their digital form of cash, so what will Red Dead Online’s be? Well, Rockstar have already confirmed that players will be able to buy gold bars via Red Dead Online’s store to buy cosmetics in the wild west.

Rockstar revealed this in a lengthy newswire post on Tuesday, and explained that clothes, weapons, ammo, and camp items would all be available to buy using gold bars.

When Will Red Dead Online Microtransactions Be Available?

Rockstar hasn’t given an official release date for their microtransactions yet. In the same news post, the company stated that some in-game menus are not yet accessible to gamers in the beta. Once the full version of Red Dead Online is released, expect to see the mode’s online store patched in. After that, players will be able to purchase gold bars or cosmetics using their real-world money.

Alternatively, Rockstar Intel—a fansite dedicated to all things Rockstar—suggests that gold bars can also be earned. For example, finding 100 gold nuggets will automatically unlock one gold bar that can be used to buy items. This isn’t yet official, however, so we’ll have to wait to see if Rockstar confirms whether or not this is true.