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Red Dead Online Error Code 0x20010006 – How to Fix

The Red Dead Online beta has thrown up a couple of annoying errors so far. Some playing recently have come across a Red Dead Online error code 0x20010006, and understandably don’t know how to solve it. So, is there a Red Dead Online error code 0x20010006 fix or not?

What is the Red Dead Online error code 0x20010006 All About?

Red Dead Online fans have been taking to social media to seek answers to this issue. The problem seems to arise from completing missions while playing on PS4 consoles, and it involves gamers getting kicked from the servers they’re playing on. A few Xbox One players have also mentioned this problem, but it’s not nearly as prevalent there as it is on Sony’s console.

It’s become a source of frustration for a few players, especially considering how many have had to wait until now just to play Red Dead Online’s beta. There has to be an easy solution to the error then, right?

How to Fix Red Dead Online error code 0x20010006

Luckily, there is a way to resolve this error code. The best way to sort this out is by exiting to the main menu and attempting to relaunch Red Dead Online. This may help to connect you to a more stable server, and should help prevent your connection from cutting out when you’re about to complete story-based missions.

PS4 players can also try pressing the circle button on their controller. This will take you out of your Red Dead Online session and then attempt to reconnect you. This may be possible to do on Xbox One as well, but you’d have to hold the B button instead to get it to work.

If the error continues to persist, you can always submit feedback to Rockstar’s support team by filling out this form. If Rockstar gets enough complaints about it, they’ll obviously look further into the problem and try to find an adequate solution.