The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian PS3 Cheats



If You complete the indicated task You'll get the allotted gamerscore.

A Pyrrhic Victory (35) - Escape Cair Paravel with Queen Susan's Horn.

Ruins Revealed (35) - Complete the entire Cair Paravel Ruins area.

Surreptitious Arrival (35) - Complete all of the areas within Miraz's Castle Infiltration.

Gryphon Flight (10) - Use gryphons to take out the turret sentries.

Silent Sentries (10) - Defeat the sentries along the castle walls.

Liberation (10) - Rescue Cornelius from the dungeons of Miraz's Castle.

Bell Tower Rescue (10) - Rescue Edmund and Trumpkin from the bell tower.

Siege Weapon Destruction (10) - Use the giants to destroy the catapults in Cair Paravel.

Cave Dweller (10) - Work through the cavern to find a grapple.

Father Christmas' Gifts (10) - Explore the treasure rooms and find the Pevensie's clothes and gifts.

River Retrieval (10) - Rescue Trumpkin from the water.

Feral Forest (10) - Find a safe route through the woods.

Coastal Guardian (10) - Fend off the Telmarine ships.

Cair Paravel Custodian (10) - Rescue Queen Susan's Horn from the throne room.

Gigantic Allies (10) - Defeat the archers that are threatening Cair Paravel.

Stemming The Telmarine Tide (10) - Seal the doors and escape Cair Paravel.