Red Dead Online Gang Hideouts – What Are Gang Hideouts in Red Dead Online?

Red Dead Online went into beta earlier this week, letting players experience Rockstar‘s Wild West with friends. The online experience hosts a number of events and activities, with gang hideouts being a common activity. Red Dead Online gang hideouts are a particularly solid activity to for players looking to earn rewards.

Players of Red Dead Redemption 2‘s story mode should already be familiar with gang hideouts, although they work differently in Red Dead Online. The multiplayer’s tutorial features one gang hideout to familiarize players with the process.

Where Are Red Dead Online Gang Hideouts

Red Dead Online represents gang hideouts as a red house icon on your map. Surrounding the icon will be a red fog, noting the region deemed part of the hideouts. Gang hideouts appear in a variety of locations that should be familiar to Red Dead Redemption fans. If you are in the area where a hideout can spawn, hang out for a few minutes and the event should become active. These gang hideouts are found in the game’s free roam component, where you are able to travel the world and complete various activities at whim.

How To Take Down Red Dead Online Gang Hideouts

Gang hideouts in Red Dead Online work similar to their single-player counterparts. After locating a gang hideout, you are tasked with killing all the gang members hanging around. After killing the other outlaws, a small area of your minimap will be highlighted, indicating an area of interest. Searching the containers in these areas will net you more rewards.

Some gang hideouts will have small choices within them. A few have seen bandits offering treasure maps to you, so long as you don’t kill them. There looks to be a range of interactions and kinds of hideouts in Red Dead Online.

Clearing hideouts in Red Dead Online free roam nets players experience points, money, and other rewards. There are also several challenges linked to clearing hideouts, which provide more rewards to players.