PlayStation Classic 60Hz – How to Play PlayStation Classic Games in 60 FPS

The PlayStation Classic is out now, letting PlayStation fans plug a micro version of the beloved console into their TV and play 20 games right off the bat. There were some words of warning a few weeks ago, however, that the mini console will output certain games in their 50Hz PAL state, rather than the arguably superior 60Hz NTSC version. It turns out, however, that you can play PlayStation Classic 60Hz games with an easy trick. Read on to learn more.

PlayStation Classic 60Hz – What is the Difference Between 50 and 60Hz?

Essentially, PAL games back in the day were limited to 50Hz thanks to the state of TVs. In America, games would output at 60Hz, which meant that 60 FPS was manageable. For some reason, however, Sony decided that a few of the games on the PlayStation Classic would only be playable in their 50Hz state, regardless of where you live. This means that some games on the mini-console do not output in 60 FPS. There is a way to force the dinky console into playing games in 60Hz, however.

PlayStation Classic 60Hz – How to Play PlayStation Classic Games in 60 FPS

Thanks to RetroGamingArts on YouTube, we now know of a way to access the mini-console’s emulator settings. With the correct keyboard, you can successfully open up the emulator settings on the PlayStation Classic. Plug a keyboard into the mini-console (a Corsair K75 will work), then hit the “escape” key. This will open up the console’s emulator settings page.

Once in, you will see a list of text appear over your screen. Enter into the “PCSX Menu” to find the emulator settings. There is a whole bunch of options to choose from in here. You’ll see that you are able to create multiple save states, alter scanlines and change games to NTSC. Simply find where it says region, and click to change it to say NTSC. This should make all those games that play in only 50Hz now output in 60Hz. Enjoy that framerate.