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How to Fast Travel in Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 has finally launched, and one of the most important details that players want to know already is how to fast travel in Just Cause 4. It’s a feature you’ll want to get as soon as possible due to Solis’ huge map. How do you unlock fast travel then, and how do you use it once you have found it?

Just Cause 4 Fast Travel – How do I Unlock it?

To acquire the fast travel skill in Just Cause 4, you’ll need to start the “Illapa Project” mission that’s located in the Wachikuni region of Solis. You get access to this mission once you have completed the “Wanay Extraction” mission. Rico must escort a bunch of civilians to safety in this mission, so it isn’t too taxing to unlock.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to access the Illapa Project mission. This opens up a brief cut-scene between Rico, Mira, and another member of the resistance. This conversation, in turn, leads to Rico being asked if he wants to test out the resistance’s new pilots who, incidentally, are your means of transport for fast travel in Just Cause 4.

Just Cause 4 Fast Travel – How do I Enable it?

For the Just Cause 4 fast travel mechanic, you simply need to open up your map, select an already visited location to travel to, and “request travel” from one of these pilots. You can tap the X button on your Xbox One controller, or the square button on PS4 to confirm this. You can then pick which pilot to use, and they’ll be sent to ferry you to your selected waypoint.

The Illapa Project mission shows how to utilise this in-game, so you won’t have any problems with using it again from that point onwards. Fast travel in Just Cause 4 does, however, require a cool down period after each destination, so you won’t be able to constantly use it. Once the pilot has re-fueled their jet, fast travel will be available to you again.