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Just Cause 4 Direct3D Error Code 34 – Is There an Infinite Loop in the GPU Fix?

Has the Just Cause 4 Direct3D Error Code 34 taken the wind out of your sails? The error, which sees an “Infinite Loop in the GPU” message causing a Just Cause 4 crash is, well, cause for concern. But is there a Just Cause 4 error code 34 fix? It’s probably not best to get your hopes up (for now).

Just Cause 4 Direct3D Error Code 34 – What is It?

As evidenced by the reams of players complaining about it on Reddit, the error seems to crop up on PC, often appearing without warning and forcing users to quit out and restart Just Cause 4 after crashing the game.

An “Infinite Loop in the GPU program” message will then pop, which is no fun. Even worse, its cryptic nature leaves finding a fix just that much harder.

Just Cause 4 Direct3D Error Code 34 – Is There a Fix?

While there is no official fix out there, there’s the possibility of fixing Error Code 34 if you take a look back to some problems that persisted around Just Cause 3‘s launch. At the time, one popular fix was to head into options and turn Screen Space Reflections on. Interestingly, that was also an “Infinite Loop” error, so, in lieu of a proper solution, this might be your best bet for now.

You can also try heading to Steam, then through to “Settings.” From there, you can click on the In Game tab and make sure Enable Steam Overlay and Use the Big Picture Overlay is checked. It worked once before, and might just work again for this latest release.

However, you’re going to have to get on Avalanche and Square Enix’s case about this if you want a patch to arrive ASAP. Fans have never had a bigger say in post-release development, so contacting them via the Square Enix Support Page may be the best way to go about things, though official Twitter channels also can’t hurt.