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Just Cause 4 Getting Over It – Bennett Foddy Easter Egg Minigame

Just Cause 4 is here, the latest in Avalanche Studios’ series of open-world action extravaganzas, and there’s an incredible amount to find and discover. However, what the Just Cause series is best at is stuffing its map full of delightful Easter eggs. Who can forget Just Cause 2, which featured the entire island from the Lost TV show? Now players have already potentially discovered the new game’s best Easter egg: the Just Cause 4 Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy minigame.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy was a YouTube and Twitch streaming sensation when it released last year, due to its unrelenting, near-impossible level of insane difficulty. Just Cause 4 pays tribute with a directly playable version of its own. But where is the Just Cause 4 Getting Over It Easter egg minigame? What’s it all about? How does it play? We’ve got the answers.

Where is the Just Cause 4 Getting Over It Easter Egg?

Just Cause 4 Getting Over It location

The Just Cause 4 Getting Over It Easter egg can be found on the mountain range that borders the Picos Helados and Hanasacha regions of Solis island, which is roughly at the direct center of the map. We’ve put a blue pointer on the map above so you can see the exact location. You don’t need to be particularly far into the game, as you can travel across the entire island, whether you’ve unlocked that region or not.

The area you’re looking for is a mountain peak directly under a taller mountain with a snowy peak, which is one of the tallest mountains in the game. There’s a small lake directly below the mountain you need to be on. Get to the top of the smaller, browner mountain by whatever means (grapple, helicopter, parachute, air-drop etc.), and then look back towards the lake below. You should see a large white rock with a flat top sticking conspicuously out of the mountainside, which you can see in the picture below. This is where you need to go.

How to Play the Just Cause 4 Getting Over It Minigame mountain

How to Play the Just Cause 4 Getting Over It Minigame

Approach the white rock, and sitting on top of the rock you’ll spot a cauldron with a pickaxe floating over it. This will be very terrifyingly familiar to anyone who’s played the original Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. If you’re really sure you want to go through with this, approach the cauldron and you should get a button prompt for you to interact with it. Press the button, and Rico should climb into the cauldron.

Here’s where things get truly wild. The screen will shift to a 2D perspective, Rico will be in the cauldron holding the pickaxe, and the whole surrounding level will change. There’s a bar to your right blocking your way, and you’re expected to climb to the left using the pickaxe. It is a perfect replica, and parody, of Getting Over It. Furthermore, Bennett Foddy himself will talk to you while you’re playing via com-link, just as he does in the original game, except here he’s describing why Avalanche made the Easter egg.

How to Complete the Getting Over It Minigame

The minigame controls exactly like the original Getting Over It. If you’re not familiar with the game that’s being parodied, the goal here is climb up a series of obstacles and reach the “X” next to the radio tower. If you’re playing on gamepad you control Rico entirely with either of the sticks, and if you’re on PC and using mouse and keyboard, you’ll only need to use the mouse for this game. The only thing you can move is Rico’s arms, which are holding the pickaxe.

You can move the pickaxe inward slightly, or rotate it, but this is the only way you can tackle the obstacles and move upwards. It is incredibly difficult, frustrating, and very hard to control or get anywhere. You have to take things very slowly, practice, and scrape your way up the obstacles. The good news is that it’s a smaller area than the original game, but it’s just as difficult. If you want to quit, just press the interact button again.

What is Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?

You can check out the original game on Steam right here. It was a streaming sensation when it came out, because the controls are so clumsy, and the idea is so absurd. YouTube is filled with players trying out the game and getting extremely frustrated, which is often very funny to watch. The main source of anger, which the game is deliberately designed to provoke, is that a small slip or mistake can undo mostly of your progress and send you back to nearly the start of the game. Give it a try…