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Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo “You Must Restart the Application using” Fix

Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo has been an issue since the game’s launch. It affects the PC version and presents with the message “You Must Restart the Application using” The problem with this is that most of the time when this error occurs it’s right as you try to launch Destiny 2 from However, some players have reported it happening during gameplay.

Below we’ll go over some of the possible causes of Error Code Buffalo in Destiny 2. We’ll also present some fixes that may prevent the “You Must Restart the Application using” error from reoccurring.

What Causes the “You Must Restart the Application using” Error Code Buffalo Message in Destiny 2?

It’s not known precisely what triggers Error Code Buffalo in Destiny 2, but there seems to be some correlation between users reporting it. The message seems to pop up most frequently when either Destiny 2 or the program has just received an update. However, since it can also happen during gameplay, it’s likely it’s not exclusively limited to affecting players who try to log on after an update.

Blizzard Support Forum Agent Zuvykree stated the following about the error on the official forum:

“This error can occur if the Blizzard app has not updated to all of your account information from the server side such as your tag. In this event, you can try to log out and shut down the program, wait a few moments before logging back in. If the issue continues, log out switch to another region above your Email -> Login and then switch back to your main region.”

However, some players reported that the instructions above didn’t work, which means there’s likely a multitude of issues that can cause the “You Must Restart the Application using” message to appear.

How to Fix Error Code Buffalo “You Must Restart the Application using” Message in Destiny 2

Fixing Error Code Buffalo can be as tricky as figuring out what’s causing it. The usual troubleshooting methods apply here. Try restarting and your computer first. If that doesn’t solve it, then you can try running as an administrator. There’s a chance that a required update to Destiny 2 or the app might be hung up somehow and the above actions may trigger its download.

If it still doesn’t work after performing the above troubleshooting, it’s time to make a decision on how far you’re willing to go to try and fix the problem. Many users reported that the problem just went away after a short period. It’s possible that for some the error code isn’t an issue on their end at all. However, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling both and Destiny 2 to see if that helps.

The best course of action when you get Error Code Buffalo after you’ve gone through the most obvious fixes is to just wait. Try to play again after a few hours and if it doesn’t work, try contacting Blizzard Support on its Twitter or the official forum.