Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate File Size – How Big is the Game’s File Size?

Smash Bros Ultimate‘s release date is right around the corner, and people are beginning to wonder just how big the Smash Ultimate file size will be. It could end up being the biggest game in the series, so just how big will the game’s file size be? Here’s the rundown on what’s worth knowing ahead of launch day.

How Big is the Smash Ultimate File Size?

According to the Nintendo eShop, the game’s file size will be 13.6 GB. That’s 3 GB less than what was previously thought, as rumors had spread that it would be around 16 GB, according to a Japanese download card back in October (H/T Nintendo Soup).

It’s also 2 GB smaller than the Super Smash Bros Wii U game. Smash Ultimate is, however, second in the list of biggest file sizes for a Smash Bros title, with Super Smash Bros Brawl rounding out the top three with a 7.92 GB file size on the Wii.

Will I Need an External Hard Drive for Smash Ultimate?

Not if you make room for it on your Nintendo Switch’s internal hard drive disc (HDD). The Switch comes packed with a 32 GB internal HDD already, so you should have plenty of space to download Smash Ultimate on to it.

If you don’t – because of other games and information present on your Switch’s HDD – then you’ll need to delete files and games to make room for it. We’d advise just deleting downloaded games though, and not your save files for any games you haven’t completed yet. We wouldn’t want to be the cause of you having to replay a game from the very beginning again.

You can always buy an external HDD or micro SD card, if you don’t want to install Smash Ultimate onto your Switch. You’d be mad to do that though, as you’ll have to cart all of that extra gear with you if you travel around with the portable part of your console.