Box art - Far Cry: New Dawn

The Game Awards 2018: Far Cry New Dawn Announcement Trailer and Release Date

The Far Cry New Dawn release date was announced at The Game Awards 2018 this evening. Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry looks to pick up where the bad ending of Far Cry 5 left off. The apocalypse has come, and it’s up to you to fight to try and hold onto the last vestiges of civilization in a post-war Hope County. The box art leaked ahead of the event earlier today and gave us a sneak peek at what the game might offer. However, with tonight’s trailer, we got a chance to really see what the game is about.

You’ll have to fight against a gang of highwaymen and their leaders the Twins. You’ll also be interacting with Joseph Seed, the antagonist of Far Cry 5 who is seemingly second-guessing the new world he ushered in. The game is a drop-in co-op experience, just as Far Cry 5 was, and a friend can join you online for some multiplayer action. As part of the game, you’ll get a home base which you can upgrade by recruiting a specialist to unlock new features.

Far Cry New Dawn release date

As far as new toys are concerned, New Dawn brings the heat. You can fire off razor blades with a makeshift crossbow and make friends with a wild boar. The boar is assumedly an animal companion that can join you as you tear up this post-apocalyptic near-future. The Amazon page for the game also states that you’ll be going beyond Hope County to other locations affected by the nuclear blast. Perhaps a revisiting of Far Cry locations past?

We won’t have long to wait for an answer. Far Cry New Dawn comes out February 15th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As it stands now, it’s a digital-only release for $40. A deluxe edition is also up for sale featuring a few exclusive weapons and the “Hurk Legacy Pack.” It wouldn’t be a Far Cry without Hurk.