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Destiny 2 Blind Well Empty Fix

Well, well, well. If you find yourself in the Dreaming City, chances are you’ve come across the Destiny 2 Blind Well empty bug. You’re not alone. Players are up in arms over the glitch as you require other players in the Blind Well to complete the activity. Thankfully, there’s a Destiny 2 Blind Well fix. And it is hilarious.

Why is the Destiny 2 Blind Well Empty?

As of right now, it’s unclear. It may have something to do with the recent Destiny 2 1.30 update and its litany of fresh content that may have triggered something in the game’s code. If something is conflicting, there’s every chance that the game won’t load properly in an area that requires an intense piece of coding.

For context, players should be able to walk into the Blind Well and immediately come across a party of total strangers. They’re needed to complete the gauntlet you have to run through in the Blind Well and the activity forms part of The Dreaming City’s focal points; it’s also integral to gaining as much Seed of Light as a Guardian could possibly want.

Is There a Destiny 2 Blind Well Empty Fix?

I can’t believe I’m about to say this. An apparent Destiny 2 Blind Well empty fix is… to walk really slowly and hug the right wall of the corridor as you enter the area.

Don’t take my word for it: Bungie has offered the same advice to players, though I would go a step further and make sure you’re crouched so you don’t unnecessarily build up a head of steam amid all the nervous energy and excitement you’re bound to have coursing through your veins. I’ve heard of walking simulators, but this is ridiculous.

For a proper fix, you’re probably going to have to hold fast until December 11, as that’s when the next Destiny 2 update is due.