Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Controller Support – What Controllers are Compatible?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is out now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The latest in the Nintendo all-star crossover fighting series brings with it every character from each Smash Bros game before it. It turns out, however, that many people are a touch confused at the Smash Ultimate controller support options. Can I play Smash Ultimate with a single Joy-Con? How does eight-player Smash work? How many different controllers can I use on Smash Ultimate? All of this, and more, is revealed below.

Can You Use Single Joy-Cons in Smash Ultimate?

While there are many different control methods available to use in Smash Ultimate, perhaps the one most people will be using is the Joy-Cons, which come bundled with every Switch console. The good news is that everyone will be able to play Smash Ultimate in two-player fights straight out of the box. You can use single Joy-Cons to play Smash Ultimate.

Although you can use single Joy-Cons to play Smash Ultimate, however, their diminutive size may be a little tricky to use when compared to the other controller options available in Smash Ultimate. While a single Joy-Con features all the buttons you could need to play Smash Ultimate at a good level, their small size will be fiddly to use (at first, at least). Anyone with large hands might find them a little too uncomfortable also.

Do I Have to Use Joy-Cons in Smash Ultimate?

As mentioned, the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are the first option available to players. Up to eight Joy-Cons can be used to play Smash Ultimate, but be aware that each individual Joy-Con counts as a gamepad. This doesn’t mean you can use eight lots of two Joy-Cons and have 16 controllers all being used at once.

Whilst the Joy-Cons come bundled with the Switch, they could be fiddly to use in Smash Ultimate due to their size and button orientation. This could be particularly crucial for those who want to take part in competitive tournaments. It’s also a question that many casual fans – who want to enjoy the game by using a different gamepad – too, so what options are out there?

What Other Controllers Can I Use in Smash Ultimate?

The Nintendo GameCube controller has been the go-to option for many players in the past. Nintendo is well aware of this, and has wasted no time in releasing a Smash Ultimate-themed GameCube controller. They have also brought out an official Nintendo GameCube adapter, which allows up to four GameCube controllers to be plugged into it. This adapter can then be plugged into one of the Switch’s USB ports, and allow you to game in comfort.

There are plenty of other third-party gamepads that players can buy for Smash Ultimate too. There are a plethora of GameCube-esque controllers already on the market, as well as a Wiimote style adapter called Gbros wireless adapter. This can also support GameCube controllers, if you don’t want to shell out for an officially licensed one.

Despite the fact that everyone will be able to play Smash Ultimate with Joy-Cons, Gamecube controllers and third-party options, there is one other (arguably superior) way of playing Smash Ultimate. The Switch Pro Controller does come at a premium price tag, but dropping the dollars down for one of those bad boys is more than worth the money. These solid controllers might just be the best option for Smash Ultimate (sorry, Melee fans).