SOMA Safe Mode Explained – Can I Unlock Trophies?

For the scaredy-cats among us, SOMA Safe Mode is a beacon of light. Promising, well, safety, the new PS Plus game offers up a switch-up from the traditional scares of horror… or does it? Below, we’ll look at SOMA Safe Mode in some detail, including burning questions such as asking whether you can die in Safe Mode, if you can unlock trophies in Safe Mode, and other Safe Mode differences.

What is SOMA Safe Mode?

When you start a New Game, you’re given two “difficulty” levels: Normal and Safe Mode. The SOMA Safe Mode does what you expect, offering up refuge from the various nasty creatures creeping around PATHOS-II. You can’t be attacked and you’ll (relatively speaking) be able to breeze through SOMA without having to deal with a game over.

Can I Die in SOMA Safe Mode?

No, you can’t. As the developers point out in a 2017 post, “[Safe Mode] is a version of the game where you cannot die – you are safe from harm.” In essence, it’ll be a bit like watching a horror movie. Things are a lot more passive but, if you’re feeling the stress of survival might weigh too heavily on you or you just want a second run-through of the game at a more brisk pace, this is for you.

Can I Unlock Trophies in SOMA Safe Mode?

No worries there. Any and all trophies/achievements can be unlocked in SOMA Safe Mode. Of course, you still have to jump through the various hoops to unlock them and things aren’t made inherently easier for you.

What Else is Different in SOMA Safe Mode?

While parts of the game in Normal Mode relies heavily on stealth, SOMA Safe Mode lets you slip past any enemies and mandatory stealth sections with no consequences. Sure, it’s a little cheesy, but it’s a novel approach to horror gameplay for the most part.

Other roadblocks, such as puzzles, still remain and must be figured out to progress in the game. Don’t confuse this with an Easy Mode.