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Smash Ultimate Galeem – Who Is the Lord of Light?

Who exactly is Smash Ultimate Galeem? Known as the Lord of Light and the ultimate enemy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Galeem is a colossal entity who traps the spirits of all 76 fighters in the World of Light at the beginning of Smash’s Adventure Mode. Where did Galeem come from, though? What does it want? Here’s everything you need to know about Smash Ultimate Galeem.

Smash Ultimate Galeem – Who Is the Lord of Light?

If you were unsure of where Smash Ultimate Galeem came from, don’t worry; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate marks Galeem’s first appearance in the series. Known as the ultimate enemy, Galeem shrouds the world in blinding light, changing all of the fighters into spirits that have fallen under his control. Only Kirby manages to escape from Galeem’s clutches.

Galeem’s name is a corruption of the word “gleam” to signify light that has been polluted by evil. This is to draw attention to the fact that the contrast between Galeem’s light and Dharkon’s darkness is not one between good and evil, as both are evil in their own way. Similarly, Galeem’s name in Japanese is a corruption of the Japanese word “キラキラ,” which means “shine” or “twinkle.”

Interestingly, Galeem’s wings are the same colors as the Super Smash Bros. 4 logos. This might be to mark its status as a unique Smash Ultimate character. Galeem’s foil is Dharkon, who is the exact opposite of Galeem. Each of the two seeks to destroy each other, while simultaneously waging war against all of the fighters on the Smash roster. Galeem wants the world to explode into light, whereas Dharkon wants to plunge the entire world into darkness. The status of Galeem and Dharkon at the end of the World of Light Adventure Mode determines the ending of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.