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Smash Ultimate Dharkon – Who is Galeem’s Enemy?

(Spoilers ahead!) First there was Galeem, but who is Smash Ultimate Dharkon? After the player manages to defeat Galeem for the first time, Dharkon erupts from a fissure in the sky. Unlike the Lord of Light, Dharkon wants to plunge the world into eternal darkness. Like you, Dharkon wants to defeat Galeem, but like Galeem, he also wants to destroy you. Galeem may be the ultimate enemy at the start of the game, but Dharkon is just as bad. Here’s everything we know so far about Dharkon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Smash Ultimate Galeem – Who Is the Lord of Light?

Just like Galeem, Smash Ultimate Dharkon is a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character, so if you were wondering if you’d seen it before, you haven’t—until now.

While Galeem is the game’s ultimate enemy, Dharkon joins the fight after you defeat Galeem for the first time. While Galeem trapped the spirits of all the Smash Ultimate fighters—except Kirby—and tried to shroud the world in blinding light, Dharkon wants to do the exact opposite and plunge the world into perpetual darkness. The two seraphs wage an eternal war against each other, each stopping at nothing to destroy the other and the entire world surrounding them.

In the same way that Galeem’s name is a corruption of the word “gleam,” Dharkon’s name is a corruption of the word “darken.” While Galeem resembles a biblical seraphim, Dharkon looks much more like a Lovecraftian being such as Azathoth or Yog-Sothoth, as its body is composed entirely of tentacles with the exception of its single eye.

Dharkon’s true enemy is Galeem, its counterpart, but it will stop at nothing to destroy both Galeem and the entire Smash roster. The status of both Dharkon and Galeem the end of the World of Light Adventure Mode determines the ending of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.