Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Short Hop – How to Short Hop

Smash Bros Ultimate is dominating video game discussions right now, and one topic of conversation that keeps cropping up online is the Smash Ultimate short hop move. It’s a pretty important move to master, so here’s how to short hop in Smash Ultimate.

What is the Smash Ultimate Short Hop Move?

The short hop move is a form of combat that allows you to either evade incoming attacks, or chain it together, with the jump button, to perform an aerial attack of your own. It’s not a move that will secure you victory a lot of the time, but it can define your ability to go the distance in matches and prove crucial in winning them.

How do I Perform the Smash Ultimate Short Hop Move?

This is dependent on what controller you are using. If you’re going with the Joy-Con gamepad, you’ll need to press the jump button and push the joystick, in the direction you want to go, simultaneously. The default jump button on the Joy-Con controller is either the “Up” or “Left” direction on the D-pad so, unless you’re using custom controls, this is your go-to button to press.

If you are using a GameCube controller – via  GameCube Switch adapter – the jump button is “Y”. On the Nintendo Switch’s own Pro controller, you’ll want to push the “X” button to jump.

How Does the Smash Ultimate Short Hop Help Me?

As previously mentioned, the short hop move can help you to evade your opponent’s attacks, give you a bit of space to perform a run-up attack, or conduct an aerial attack. You can do the latter of these by pushing in the forward direction on your controller’s joystick, and pushing the attack button.

These moves can help you avoid taking damage and deal it out to your foes, which is particularly vital when playing against human players in casual or competitive tournaments. They really can be the difference between victory and defeat, so make sure you master the short hop effectively.