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Smash Ultimate Taunt – How to Taunt in Smash Ultimate

Smash Bros Ultimate is the perfect game to show off your cocky side to your friends when you beat them. A Smash Ultimate taunt move, then, would be perfect to draw reactions from those you’ve just beaten, wouldn’t it? Here’s how to taunt in Smash Ultimate.

How do I Perform a Smash Ultimate Taunt Move?

Each controller has a different method to perform a Smash Ultimate taunt, but they all utilise the D-pad to allow you to perform them. If you’re using a sideways Joy-Con gamepad, you’ll need to click in on the joystick and then press the Up, Down, or Left/Right direction button.

If you’re using a Nintendo Switch Pro controller or dual Joy-Cons on the Switch’s Joy-Con controller, you only need to push Up, Down, or Left/Right on the left-hand Joy-Con. Finally, using a GameCube controller means you’ll have to press one of these directions on the D-pad to taunt. Each character has three different taunts based on which direction you push, so try them all out on different characters to see which one is your favourite.

Can I Carry Out Smash Ultimate Taunt Moves Online?

It doesn’t appear so. There are a number of threads on the Smash Ultimate Sub-Reddit, such as this one and this one, that have claimed you cannot perform taunts when playing in online matches.

That’s a bit of a shame, given that you can taunt in any other game mode, but you can see the reasoning behind Nintendo’s decision not to include them. There’s plenty of kids who may play online and, if they get taunted often by over-confident Smash Ultimate opponents, it can make the game less enjoyable for them. There’s plenty of other chances for you to taunt in Adventure Mode, World of Light, or other game types, so save your taunts for AI foes instead.