Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

How to Unlock Music in Smash Ultimate

Want to queue up your favorite song to play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? While many tracks are unlocked from the get-go, you’re going to need to know how to unlock music in Smash Ultimate to complete your OST collection. Here’s the best way to unlock songs in Smash Ultimate.

How to Unlock Music in Smash Ultimate

There are three main ways to unlock music in Smash Ultimate: through the Vault, through the World of Light, and through obscure challenges on the Challenge Board.

Let’s tackle the first of these as it really is super simple: you keep playing as much Smash Ultimate as humanly possible and you’ll earn gold coins. These aren’t just there to make you seem rich, you can also use them in the game’s shop.

Head to the Vault through the game’s main menu and, from there, click through to the Shop. You can then buy a (random) assorted array of goodies, including music tracks. Keep grinding to get more coin and come back every so often to see the different tracks on offer.

Now, on to the World of Light. There are a handful of music tracks you can find in the single-player mode. As early as the first few minutes you can pick tracks up just by opening the chests that can be found on the hub map. These, however, appear at random intervals so you’ll just have to keep your eyes out for treasure chests.

Finally, the Challenge Board requires you to fulfil some super-secret and hard-to-master tasks to unlock music in Smash Ultimate. The tracks (and how to unlock them during play) are as follows:

  • Black Night Song – Defeat Dracula
  • Calling to the Night Song – Beat Classic Mode on 5.0 intensity as Snake (no continues)
  • Dharkon Song – Beat Dharkon
  • Duty (Ablaze) – As Robin, use a flurry attack to KO a Lvl. 9 opponent (no handicaps, no spirits, 3:00 time limit)
  • Galeem and Dharkon Song – Unlock the True Ending (see our Smash Ultimate endings guide for more info)
  • Galeem Song – Beat Galeem
  • Minor Circuit Song – Unlock a Gym
  • Namco Arcade Retro Medley 1 – During Pac-Man’s Final Smash, get a score of 7650
  • Vault Song – Create a playlist