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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 1.09 Update Patch Notes – What’s New?

The Black Ops 4 1.09 update sets the game up nicely for the holidays. Otherwise known as the Absolute Zero Update, Treyarch has brought big Blackout map changes, as well as introducing ADS sensitivity, a new specialist in Zero, and much, much more. It’s all down in the Black Ops 4 1.09 patch notes below.

Black Ops 4 1.09 – Blackout Changes

While the battle royale may not be the top of everyone’s must-play list, Treyarch has ensured you’ll at least want to dip your toe back in the (icy) waters with this new update. Hijacked now appears on the northwest of the Blackout map. You can’t miss it. It’s a big ship. Nuketown and the Hydro Dam of also undergone changes, with Nuketown having four new garage interiors, and the latter getting some nifty elevators. Boundaries have also been increased slightly for the overall map.

There’s also “softer winter” lighting to help bring some holiday cheer to a game where 100 people drop in to an abandoned island and murder each other for our entertainment. Not only that, but armor is undergoing a big shakeup. You’ll now find it’s harder to be destroyed completely but, if you do, you’ll be rewarded with an armor plate from the killed person’s backpack.

Black Ops 4 1.09 – ADS Sensitivity

This is a big one for Black Ops vets. Aiming down the sights always felt a little rigid this year. For no longer. You can now head into Options and adjust the sensitivity to suit your needs for “both high zoom optics and regular weapons.”

Black Ops 4 1.09 – Zombies

Need another reason to battle the living undead? Zombies now grants you a Tier Skip every single day if you manage to get to round 15 or later. Not too hard of a task, and one that Treyarch must hope will see players flock back to the game mode. A series of contextual crashes have also been fixed.

Black Ops 4 1.09 – Other Changes

There’s a new specialist in town. Zero has more of a technological bent that her 10 Specialist comrades. The Disruptor ability acts as an EMP grenade of sorts, taking down enemy equipment. The Icepick ability, meanwhile, can hack into other players’ tech such as the Trophy System.

Also, melee weapons have been given a slight buff in Multiplayer, meaning you’ll be able to strike people with the Bayonet from further away. Additionally, the SDM and Spitfire guns have been nerfed, now having increased recoil and reduced damage.

Black Ops 4 1.09 Patch Notes

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