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Smash Ultimate Detective Pikachu – How to Unlock Detective Pikachu Spirit

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch, and people are wondering how to unlock Smash Ultimate Detective Pikachu. The ultimate Nintendo crossover event features playable characters and Spirits from all throughout the company’s past and present. One such Spirit is the Smash Ultimate Detective Pikachu Spirit. Read on to discover exactly how you can unlock the Detective Pikachu Spirit in Smash Ultimate, what it does, and more.

How to Unlock the Smash Ultimate Detective Pikachu Spirit

While it is a shame that Detective Pikachu isn’t an alternate color option for Pikachu, or a playable fighter in its own right, it’s nice at least to see the coffee-loving rodent being represented in Smash Ultimate at all. As one of the hundreds of Spirits available to find and equip in Smash Ultimate, Detective Pikachu can thankfully be unlocked in a couple of different ways.

You’ll want to head into the Spirit Board of the World of Light mode to unlock Detective Pikachu. Once there, you will see a number of Spirit challenges with a timer on them. You may or may not see Detective Pikachu there. If you do, take on the challenge. You can refresh the Spirit Board, too, with in-game resources. If you do this enough times, Detective Pikachu might turn up.

There is one way that you can make sure that Detective Pikachu turns up, however. To do this, simply head into the Spirit Board and scan your Detective Pikachu amiibo. This will unlock the Detective Pikachu Spirit for you to use however you want.

How Good is the Smash Ultimate Detective Pikachu Spirit?

Smash Ultimate Detective Pikachu

As with any Spirit in Smash Ultimate, you can equip Detective Pikachu to your fighter. Detective Pikachu is an advanced Support type Spirit. With it equipped you will remove all fog from any stage, which will come in handy any time a stage is covered in fog during challenges and the like. Feeding it snacks you’ve earned in World of Light will level up your Detective Pikachu Spirit, too, which is nice.