Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Fusion Generator Plans Location – Where to Find

Don’t know where to find the Fallout 76 fusion generator plans? Until recently, us neither. That’s because the fusion generator plans location is actually tied to a random roll of the dice and a bit of luck. Still, there is one major Fallout 76 fusion generator location to head to, as well as two others, should you want to get your hands on these plans.

Where is the Fallout 76 Fusion Generator Plans Location?

Don’t bother heading to vendors for this one. You can go to either one of three power plants to find the Fallout 76 Fusion Generator plans. They are:

  • Monongah Power Plant (Can be found south-east of Morgantown)
  • Poseidon Power Plant (north-east of Kanawha Nuka Cola Plant)
  • Thunder Mountain Power Plant (north-east of Crevasse Dam)

Once you get there, you (and your buddies, if they’re present) will be tasked with the hour-long event of “Powering Up” whichever power plant you happen to be at. So it’s “Powering Up Poseidon,” “Powering Up Monongah,” and so on. You don’t need any traits or special skills to complete this event, either. Just go around each plant and interact with each things that needs repairing in the order they appear on-screen.

Once all the objectives have been polished off, you’ll be given the chance to restart the entire power plant. Head to a terminal to do so and, boom, that’s the event completed.

However, that doesn’t automatically mean you’re unlocking the Fusion Generator plans. Typically, it takes two or three attempts at doing these events (which refresh daily) so you can unlock plans for small and large generators, before eventually being given the Fusion Generator. Even so, you might get lucky and get the “Plan: Fusion Generator” first time. If you do, though, you can rest easy in the knowledge you won’t have to do this arduous task again if you don’t feel like it.