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Destiny 2 Wanted Arcane Mind – How to Complete

Destiny 2 has a lot of high-value targets, bounties, quests, and additional things to do to get loot in the game, with the Wanted Bounties being introduced in the Forsaken expansion earlier this year. Some of these can be bought from the Spider, such as the Wanted Gravetide Summoner bounty, but others like the Destiny 2 Wanted Arcane Mind bounty are random. So how do you get it, and what is its location? We’ll show you what you need to do.

What is the Wanted Arcane Mind Bounty?

The Destiny 2 Wanted Arcane Mind bounty is a random high-value target (HVT) which you can pick up and take on if you are in the correct area. The hardest part is finding the correct area to go to in the first place, so let’s help with that.

Destiny 2 Wanted Arcane Mind Location

Wanted: Arcane Mind is a random bounty that can specifically and only be found in The Cistern area of Nessus, in the Arcadian Valley. Fast travel or make your way there, and you’ll have to generally walk around and explore the area if it doesn’t pop up immediately. Eventually, and hopefully, you’ll get the message on your screen saying “a high value target is nearby.” Bear in mind though, as it’s a random spawn, a completely different high-value target may appear instead. If that happens, either kill it and take the bounty for that one, or continue exploring the area and wait for the Arcane Mind bounty instead.

Eventually the Arcane Mind should show up, along with the previous message. It may not appear on your UI, so you’ll have to hunt around a bit to find it. It should be easy to spot, at least. Find it and kill it. Don’t worry if there are other players shooting it, as long as you’ve shot it a little you’ll get the bounty too.