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Destiny 2 Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint Solution – How to Get The Dawning Sparrow

The Destiny 2 Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint quest is one of the first (and only) major ones to spring out of the game’s festive The Dawning 2018 event. Completing it, however, will net you an Exotic Dawning Cheer Sparrow which will make you sleigh in style. Here’s how to unlock it and complete the Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint quest.

What is the Destiny 2 Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint Solution?

Note: If you need to know how to make Gjallardoodles, as well as any other foodstuff listed below, be sure to check out our extensive Destiny 2 Dawning Recipes guide for more information.

First up, to kickstart the quest you’re going to want to talk to Eva Levante on The Tower (she’s marked on your map if you’re having trouble finding her). She’ll task you with creating Gjallardoodles and giving them to Zavala. This must be done before moving on with the Exotic Sparrow quest. Then you’ll then unlock the Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint quest step.

You’ll now have four tasks to do:

  • Eliskni Birdseed to Louis
  • Chocolate Ship Cookies (god, I love this pun) to Amanda Holliday
  • Vanilla Blades to Shaxx
  • Gifts Baked (x/12)

Again, if you need any help getting the various items together, then the recipes guide above is absolutely invaluable when it comes to getting your hands on the Dawning Cheer Exotic Sparrow in double-quick time.

Once you’ve cooked each respective item, simply head on over to the required character in The Tower, interact with them, and you’ll have completed the task. For Louis, however, you’re going to want to talk to Hawthorne as you can’t talk to a bird, silly. Even better, the three gifts you’ve just baked count towards the 12 overall needed to complete the quest.

And you’re done! Claim the task as complete in your inventory then go on over to Amanda near the Hangar to cash in the Deliciously Cheerful blueprints and get your sweet, sweet reward.