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Fallout 76 Update Today December 13 Patch Notes (Fallout 76 1.04)

Eager to test out the Fallout 76 update today December 13? Us too. Working out what’s changed in the new Fallout 76 update is half the fun (if you want to call it that). It’s the fourth big update too. So, the Fallout 76 1.04 update– as it’s called on PS4 and Xbox One- is due to be a doozy. It comes with plenty of C.A.M.P changes, a push-to-talk feature, and several other bug and quest fixes for you to pore over. But we’re not just blindly pasting the Fallout 76 update today, December 13, patch notes. We’re here to tell you how it affects your game going forward.

Fallout 76 Update Today December 13 – C.A.M.P Changes

It’s here. It’s finally here. If you were previously having trouble putting down a C.A.M.P because a few pesky objects got on the way of you building a C.A.M.P exactly how you wanted it, then you’re in luck. The new 1.04 patch has done away with obstructions that will stop you building, instead choosing to bulldoze them in favor of you having your own personal settlement sorted with minimal fuss.

As well as that, the thorny issue of players sharing C.A.M.P locations when logging on to other servers has been fixed somewhat. Instead of being strange bedfellows, you’ll now be given the chance to move everything to an entirely new location free of charge. Put those bottle caps away.

Fallout 76 Update Today December 13 – Push To Talk and Field of View

Another highly-requested feature since launch, the ability to push a button to talk, has been introduced. While it’s only on PC (for now), those introverts among us, or those who don’t fancy chatting to a randomer in the middle of a nuclear wasteland.

If you enable it, you simply have to press the Caps Lock key if you want to have a natter. If not, your voice wouldn’t be heard for miles if you cough, sneeze, or curse down your headset. That’s probably for the best.

But that isn’t the only fan favorite move Bethesda has chosen to make in the Fallout 76 1.04 update. A Field of View and Depth of Field slider has been integrated into the game allowing for you to observe more of Appalachia without things looking too stretched or wonky. It’s fully customizable, too.

Fallout 76 Update Today December 13 – SPECIAL Re-specs

Nearing the endgame? No, not that endgame. If you’ve reached the Fallout 76 soft level cap of 50, you might be struggling for a reason to go on. Well, no longer is that the case.  Every new level reached after level 50 (so, from 51 onwards) you’ll be given the chance to get a Perk Card like normal or, if you so desire, the chance to move one SPECIAL point and re-spec it into another category. Fancy more Luck or could do with more Charisma? Now’s your chance to shift your player build. Perfect for those who want a melee build, for example, if things have gotten stale elsewhere.

However, it is worth noting that you can not simply get 10 chances to re-spec if, for example, you are already level 60. The process begins from hereon out.

Fallout 76 Update Today December 13 – Quest Fixes

RIP the Find Evan bug. He’s been resurrected… so he can be killed again. Yes, one of the most infamous Fallout 76 Find Evan bug that plagued so many people in the opening weeks and saw a crucial quest character simply not spawning where and when he was required has been fixed.

That’s not all that’s been changed in the new Fallout 76 update today. The confusing marker for the T-Type fuse, which would point at a locked door instead of the correct route to take in An Ounce of Prevention has also been sorted out. Finally, if you were fed up of getting free Canned Meat Stew (seriously, Bethesda?) then you’ll be pleased to know that the Feed the People quest now doesn’t give everyone in your server free grub.

Fallout 76 Update Today December 13 – Other Bug Fixes

General performance issues have been improved in the following contextual situations:

  • Travelling in The Mire
  • When a Wendigo screams
  • When Fast Travelling

If you want to see the full set of Fallout 76 update today, December 13 patch notes (otherwise known as the Fallout 76 1.04 patch notes), then check out Bethesda’s extended post on Reddit.