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Fallout 76 Quit to Desktop Freeze Fix – How to Stop Crashing

It’s not just the game that’s filled with bugs. The Fallout 76 quit to desktop freeze has reared its ugly head yet again. If you want your game to stop crashing on PC when exiting to desktop from Fallout 76, however, there aren’t too many iron-clad solutions. Even so, there’s a handful of Fallout 76 quit to desktop freeze fixes to try to at least temporarily alleviate your frustrations.

Is There a Fallout 76 Quit to Desktop Freeze Fix?

Yes and no. Yes, in that there is a method to at least stop Fallout 76 crashing once it already has frozen but using the “Quit to Desktop” function will still pretty much make the game lock up every single time. Still, here’s a few ways to get out of that pickle:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete – bring up Task Manager, highlight Fallout 76 and press “End Task”

That’s the most vanilla and trustworthy solution. It’s not the best, but it’ll get you out of a jam more often than not without requiring you to restart your PC. You can also press both the Windows key and tab and then bring up Task Manager if all you’re being presented with is a black/blank screen.

There is, however, also a Bethesda quit to desktop fix. It’s not pretty, but might just do the job.

Bethesda Community Manager /u/Valseek took to Reddit to suggest the following:

  • Click Game Options in the upper-right corner of the launcher and then click Scan and Repair to repair your installation.

  • Failing that, you could try a complete reinstall of Fallout 76.

If that doesn’t work, you can also raise a ticket with Bethesda. The more people that do it, the more likely Bethesda will issue a fix. In fact, Bethesda is “actively investigating” the Fallout 76 quit to desktop bug. In all likelihood, you’re going to either have to keep using Task Manager (for now) or wait until one of the new patches fixes it. With updates ordinarily out on Tuesday, you might be stuck waiting until 2019 if nothing drops on December 18.