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Is There a Below PS4 Edition Coming Out?

After a lengthy wait, Below is finally available for gamers to get their hands on. The title can be bought to Xbox One and PC, but is there a PS4 port release date for the game on the way, too? Here’s what we know about a possible Below PS4 edition coming out.

Below PS4 Edition – What Type of Game is Below?

Below is an action-adventure roguelike dungeon crawler, with a permadeath feature, that is part of Microsoft’s Winter of Arcade lineup for this holiday season. It was developed and published by independent studio Capybara Games, and at times it was unclear whether Below would ever see the light of day.

Why? Well, the procedurally generated game had a lengthy development phase after its initial announcement at E3 2013. Five-and-a-half years on from that first reveal, Below is now available for players to buy. Is there a Below PS4 edition for fans of Sony’s console to enjoy too, though?

Is There a Below PS4 Edition?

Not right now. Below has only just been released but, as we mentioned earlier, it’s only out on Microsoft platforms in Xbox One and Windows devices.

There is always the possibility that Below will eventually wing its way to PS4, and those wanting to play it on this console could be in luck. According to a report from Polygon in August 2013, Capybara Games did reveal that the Xbox One would only have a timed exclusivity with Below for a certain period of time.

This means that a Below PS4 edition could be on the cards in the future, but there’s no official word on if this is still a thing, or if Capybara Games has any plans at all to bring it PS4. For now Below is only available on two platforms, and you’ll have to purchase it for Xbox One or PC to be able to play it.