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Fallout 76 Riverside Manor Entrance Bug – How to Fix

Fallout 76 bugs continue to affect players and give Bethesda’s latest title more negative press. This time, a Fallout 76 Riverside Manor entrance bug is causing gamers to lose their cool in the game. There must be a Fallout 76 Riverside Manor entrance bug fix to resolve this glitch. Here’s our guide on how to fix it.

What is the Fallout 76 Riverside Manor Entrance Bug?

Riverside Manor is a location in Fallout 76 that players need to head to for the “Mistress of Mysteries” quest. Some players are unable to even begin starting this mission, however, as they can’t get through the entrance of the manor.

This ordinarily could be solved by having the right equipment to bypass the manor’s laser system. However, players have taken to the Fallout 76 Reddit page to claim that, despite having items like the Veil of Secrets equipped, they aren’t able to access the manor.

How to Fix the Fallout 76 Riverside Manor Entrance Bug

There are a couple of options available to resolve this issue. The first one you can try and removing and re-equipping the Veil of Secrets mask a few times until the laser system registers that you have it on. This then deactivates the lasers and allows you to enter. Another solution is to ensure that your Veil of Secrets mask doesn’t need repairing by using the fabricator at the Order of Mysteries’ hideout underneath the manor.

If that fails, you can try exiting the game, heading back to your platform’s main menu, and reloading Fallout 76. Getting on to a different server could help resolve the issue, and give you access to Riverside Manor. If neither of those solve the problem, your last hope is to contact Bethesda’s support team via their forums. Tell me what the problem is, in as great a detail as possible, and they should be able to give you some tips to fix it.