Box art - Gris

Gris Falling Invisible Bug – Is There a Fix?

Gris may have reviewers and gamers alike spellbound by its beauty, but it’s not without its quirks. Take the Gris falling invisible bug, for example. Stopping you in your tracks during level 2, the glitch leads you to the caverns, an area you’re not supposed to end up in until much, much later in the game. So, is there a Gris falling invisible bug fix and/or a way to stop falling through the level in Gris? Yes… and no. Oh, you’ll see why…

What is the Gris Falling Invisible Bug?

Taking place during the red-hued level of Gris (level 2), your character can be found trying to scale a palace-like building, until disaster strikes. The nameless protagonist falls through the floor, zooms past the tinted red background and finds herself in a dark and dreary cavern. Even better: you’ll be invisible and can’t go any further into the game.

No, this isn’t a metaphor for grief, but a hugely frustrating roadblock that stops you in your tracks. Take a look at the video below for an indication of what the process looks like.

How to Fix the Gris Falling Invisible Bug

Nomada Studio, impressively, has already put plans in place to sort the Gris falling invisible bug out. However, a patch isn’t forthcoming just yet. Instead, the developers recommend reverting back to an old save and continuing from there. Sure, it may sound trite to simply load up an old save but this bug isn’t too easily replicated and you’ll be able to swerve it a second time if you’re careful.

On that topic, you should absolutely not save in the section above- lest you want to restart a large portion of the game- and you also shouldn’t spend too much time jumping and flinging yourself about the palacial landscape. Instead, jump up on the edge ledge with the red vines sticking out of it and then swiftly make your way through.