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Smash Ultimate Infinite Assist Trophy Glitch – How to Do It and Is There a Fix?

The latest glitch to be discovered in Super Smash Bros Ultimate can see players spawn in multiple Assist Trophies. This infinite Assist Trophy glitch pollutes the screen with seemingly limitless copies of a single Assist Trophy. For some Smash fans this could be considered a dream come true, as finally, fan favourites like Waluigi and Knuckles are getting the shot in the spotlight—for better or worse.

This glitch seems to have first been discovered by Reddit user TheArrowJoww. They also uploaded a video to the Reddit showing how to use the glitch and some of the horrifying and amazing events that can occur. The Nintendogs example is especially surprisingly horrifying though sadly, the Squid Sisters don’t spawn infinite concerts and remains pretty much the same.

How to Trigger the Infinite Assist Trophy Glitch

Obviously, your first question would be how do I pull off this magnificent feat and fill my screen with the glory of Waluigi? Well, thankfully it’s pretty simple, though it does take some timing to get right.

You’ll need to have two people both playing as Isabelle, the mayor’s assistant from Animal crossing. You also need to make sure Assist Trophies are turned on in the items menu—if you’re playing simply to achieve this glitch consider turning all other trophies off to ensure you get it. It’s also worth noting that at least one trophy so far, The Squid Sisters, doesn’t really do anything different. You may want to avoid them or you’ll have no way of knowing whether or not you’ve successfully pulled off the glitch.

While both Isabelles are close enough to a single Assist Trophy, have them use their fishing rod moves on it at the same time. This is the part that can be a little tricky for timing so if it doesn’t work you may need to coordinate this a little better and try again.

What you’ll find is that one Isabelle will successfully grab the trophy while the other one’s hook will remain attached for a few moments. Players are thinking this is what causes the glitch.

Once you’ve completed this you should trigger the infinite Assist Trophy glitch. The Isabelle that managed to grab the trophy will start spawning infinite Assist Trophies. They will obviously depend on what you have unlocked and equipped.

How to Stop the Infinite Assist Trophy Glitch

Smash Ultimate Infinite Assist Trophy Glitch - How to Do it and Is There a Fix? Isabelle Smash Ultimate No Contest

The only way to stop this glitch once it starts is to land a hit on the offending Isabelle.

This can be particularly difficult to do considering you’re being barraged with infinite assist trophies. If you’re doing this with a friend it’s probably a good idea to have the more skilful player (at least with Isabelle and at dodging) take over the role of the Isabelle that needs to make the hit.

That being said, getting the hit in can also just be impossible depending on what assist spawns. It’s a good idea to not try this with the Metroid assist for example, as it will freeze the other Isabelle and you won’t be able to get a hit in to stop the glitch. Any assist that obscures the screen like Nintendogs is also a difficult one to come up against.

The good news is worst case you can always manually quit the match or wait for defeat. If neither of those options sound appealing you might want to pick an assist you know you can get around for your first go.

Is There a Fix for the Infinite Assist Trophy Glitch

There isn’t quite a fix for the inifinite Assist Trophy glitch. Nintendo will likely patch this eventually to keep the game competitive. As it doesn’t seem like something that would happen a lot by accident it’s probably not going to be a high priority over other glitches like the black screen glitch, or the lag trouble players some people are seeing online. Unfortunately, until a patch is released there is no official fix as yet.

If you really don’t want this to happen during your game the simple option is to not try to make it happen. It’s not all that likely to occur by accident especially now that you know about it.

Some steps you can take to avoid this glitch is to not have a mirror match between to Isabelles but if you must you could always turn off Assist Trophies.