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Pichu Smash Ultimate – How to Unlock

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch and it features a hell of a lot of fighters to unlock. One such character is Pichu Smash Ultimate. Read on to discover exactly who Pichu is, how good a fighter it is, and how to unlock it. Here at GameRevolution, we’re happy to help.

There are multiple ways to unlock every character in Smash Ultimate, and Pichu is no different. Thankfully, we’ve included exactly how to unlock Pichu in each situation below. If you want to be the very best, you’re going to have to catch ’em all.

Pichu Smash Ultimate – Who is Pichu?

Pichu was first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver as a ‘Mon that would eventually evolve into series mascot Pikachu. Pichu is smaller than Pikachu, but with larger ears and a little tail. Pichu is still Electric Type, just as Pikachu and Raichu are, but it isn’t as strong as its evolved forms. Pichu was first introduced to Smash Bros in Melee, but it hasn’t re-appeared until Ultimate.

In Smash Ultimate,Pichu is a B-Tier fighter. This means, while not one of the best fighters, there are flaws in Pichu’s game. A quick and skillful fighter, Pichu shares some the same moves as Pikachu. Pichu’s attacks aren’t too strong, however, and every time you use an Electric Type move, Pichu damages itself a touch. There is some risk-reward here, however, as Pichu is quicker than most other fighters and can land multiple hits and chain combos easier than some characters.

Smash Ultimate Pichu – How to Unlock

Pichu Smash Ultimate

There are multiple ways in which you can unlock Pichu in Smash Ultimate. One such way is to play regular battles. Every time you play any of the standard modes in Smash Ultimate, the game will pick up on your total button input. Based on this, you will be faced with Challenger fights to unlock new fighters. Pichu is the 34th character you will unlock via the route of simply playing regular battles and the like. This is right after Luigi and before Richter. So if you’re specifically after Pichu, there may be a quicker route you can take to unlock the dinky Pokemon.

As with every other unlockable fighter in Smash Ultimate, you can unlock Pichu via Classic Mode completion on any difficulty. Unfortunately, Pichu is the last character you will unlock down the Pikachu Classic Mode path. To explain, each of the starting eight characters in Smash Ultimate has its own unlock path in Classic Mode. If you complete Classic Mode as Pikachu, for example, you will unlock Villager, then Shulk, R.O.B, Mega Man, Isabelle, Mr. Game & Watch, and finally Pichu. You can use any character from that same path to unlock the next one in the list.

If both of these options sound like they will take too long to unlock Pichu, there is another way in the World of Light.

How to Unlock Pichu in Smash Ultimate World of Light

You can unlock every fighter in Smash Ultimate’s World of Light mode, which acts as a sort of story mode for the game. To do so, you must find their Spirit battle on the map and win the fight. Once you do, that character will be unlocked for every mode in the game, including World of Light. Unfortunately, just as with the ways to unlock Pichu in regular battles or in Classic Mode, you’ll find the little yellow mouse fairly deep into World of Light’s map.

To find and unlock Pichu via World of Light you’ll need to head to the Power Plant Zone. This is relatively deep into the story mode, however, and is located inside the Poison Woods. It shouldn’t be too difficult to beat Pichu’s Spirit battle, however, you just might take a little while to get to that point in World of Light.

Sadly, it seems that whatever route you take to unlock Pichu in Super Smash Bros Ultimate will take you a good length of time. We’d recommend sticking to Pikachu’s Classic Mode unlock tree to unlock Pichu, however, as you can complete it eight times on any difficulty mode. That appears to be the fastest way of unlocking Pichu in Smash Ultimate for those desperate to play as the little yellow mouse.