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How Big is the Just Cause 4 1.02 Update File Size?

Just Cause 4 developer Avalanche Studios has finally got around to fixing some major bugs in the game. The Just Cause 4 1.02 update will bring a host of changes to the game’s stability and sort out some of the glitches and errors players have come across. So, how big is the Just Cause 4 1.02 update file size, and what does it fix?

What Does the Just Cause 4 1.02 Update Fix?

The Just Cause 4 1.02 update launched on Friday, December 14, on PC, while the patch will be available to download on PS4 and Xbox One today (Tuesday, December 18). The update brings a number of solutions to errors, and these changes for each platform can be found below.


  • Variety of stability fixes
  • Improvements and fixes to menu navigation for those using mouse and keyboard functionality, including increased mouse sensitivity range and correcting specialised vehicle support
  • Ability to remap movement keys
  • Improved vegetation rendering and asset updates
  • Fixes to some texture mapping issues and problem with steering flying vehicles with keyboard
  • Fixed the disabling SSAO option in Graphics menu, which had originally broken Ambient Occlusion in-game

Xbox One and PS4

  • Improvements to resolution on both Xbox One and PS4
  • Addition of a motion blur toggle to the options menu (following user requests) that comes with the option to alter the amount of motion blur
  • Fixes to some motion blur rendering issues and texture mapping issues
  • Other graphical improvements, such as smoother vegetation transitions
  • Various stability fixes
  • Lighting updates to some cut scenes

How Big is the Just Cause 4 1.02 Update File Size?

According to one Redditor, the PS4 file size is 8.5GB. This should be the same size for Xbox One too and, providing you’re on a good enough internet connection, it shouldn’t take too long to download.

To download this update, simply start up your console—or computer if you haven’t already got the patch for PC—and sign into the platform that you play the game on. The update should automatically begin to download without prompting you to do so. Once it’s installed, simply run Just Cause 4 for the patch to take effect.