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Black Ops 4 Xbox One Broken Team Chat Fix

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Operation Absolute Zero update is finally available to Xbox One players. There’s already a big problem with the patch, however, with a Black Ops 4 Xbox One broken team chat error annoying some players. Is there a Black Ops 4 Xbox One broken team chat fix that people can try to resolve the problem?

What is the Black Ops 4 Xbox One Broken Team Chat Error?

It seems that this issue has been an on and off problem for developer Treyarch to contend with since the game’s launch, judging by this Black Ops 4 forum thread anyway. The problem has reared its ugly head since the Operation Absolute Zero patch went live on Xbox One though, with players taking to the game’s Reddit page to complain about it.

The problem is preventing players from conversing over team chat, especially in online multiplayer modes, in an effort to beat opposing teams and claim those much needed victories and rank up faster. Given that Black Ops 4 is a game built on tactics and constantly communicating with your mates, it’s a glaring error that needs a fix.

How to Fix the Black Ops 4 Xbox One Broken team Chat Error

There are a couple of solutions to this issue if you’re affected by it. The first is to unplug your headset or microphone from the controller’s receiver and plug it back in again. It could just be that the connection needs to be re-established to ensure that it is open for you to chat across.

Another option is to make sure that your network address translation (NAT) gateway is open on your internet connection. This enables your IP address to remapped and modified so that you can talk to your mates over your connection.

If neither of those work, the only other option to is actually turn your Xbox One console off at the mains, turn it back on again, and reload the game. It could be that you’re not shutting the game down properly or that leaving your Xbox One in sleep mode that is the issue. Doing this will reset everything and hopefully resolve the problem.