Super Smash Flash 2 – Where Can I Play It?

Super Smash Flash 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Super Smash Flash, a Flash game published by indie developer McLeodGaming in 2006. It quickly established itself as a hit among fans of the popular Super Smash Bros. series, especially those who had no access to the game on PC.

Unlike Super Smash FlashSuper Smash Flash 2 is being made by an entire team of people. The original game was only made by a single person, McLeodGaming lead Gregory McLeod. The original game was also made in a single month; Super Smash Flash 2 has been in development for years. Fans can play the Super Smash Flash 2 beta now, but McLeodGaming is careful to stress that it’s just a beta; the full game is yet to come.

Where Can I Play Super Smash Flash 2?

The Super Smash Flash series is based on the popular Super Smash Bros. fighting game franchise. While the original Super Smash Flash game from 2006 is based on Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Flash 2 will incorporate elements from the series as a whole.

Alongside many fan-favorite Smash characters, players can play as characters that are unique to Super Smash Flash like Dragon Ball’s Goku and Sonic the Hedgehog’s Tails. The gameplay in Super Smash Flash 2 is similar to traditional Smash games, but McLeodGaming prioritizes content over gameplay, championing the things that are unique about it. It is for this reason that Super Smash Flash 2 deserves some attention.

If you’ve played Smash before, Super Smash Flash 2 will be something you can pick up easily and quickly. If not, all you really need is some kind of understanding of fighting games; the rest is pretty intuitive. Super Smash Flash 2 is something that all Smash fans should check out; some people even claim to prefer it over installments in the original series. Also, it proves that Flash isn’t dead. Maybe we’ll see some more ambitious Flash games soon.