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How to Create Checkpoints in Below

Below fans have been scanning the depths of the long awaited indie title, and some want to know how to create checkpoints. It’s a game without a traditional save function and, given you’ll die a fair bit, you’ll want to learn how to do this. So, here’s everything you need to know about Below checkpoints including if you can use a checkpoint twice.

How to Create Checkpoints in Below

When your adventurer is killed in Below, you’ll be sent right back to the beginning of the game. It’s a frustrating mechanic to have to start all over again. However, there is a way to ensure that you can make your way back down a few levels without having to tediously walk there.

To create checkpoints in Below, you’ll need to find a campfire on one of the levels. You will also have to have accrued at least 25 light shards from defeating the variety of enemies in the dark recesses of the cave. These light shards can be used to ignite a campfire – as long as you stumble across one – and create a checkpoint for you.

Simply add the shards to the campfire and it’ll turn blue. This is the indicator that tells you a checkpoint has been set in Below. If you end up dying, you can teleport to this campfire and start your quest again from a certain area.

Can I Use Checkpoints in Below More Than Once?

No. Once you are transported back to the area you last created a checkpoint at, the campfire will return to normal. You will want to use this feature rarely too, as you need your light shards to power your lantern – the only source of light in Below – to open certain secret passageways, see items and enemies, and traverse Below’s caves.

You can always stash light shards in your hideout in case you need to create a checkpoint in Below quickly. Again though, you’ll need them for your lantern too, so don’t overdo it at campfires.