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Destiny 2 Le Monarque Location – Where to Find the Exotic Bow

Destiny 2 is a game that just won’t quit. Since it released back in 2017, Bungie has been constantly adding in new content, including Exotic armor, weapons, and more. Recently, Bungie added in the Le Monarque Exotic Bow. Read on to discover the Destiny 2 Le Monarque location, what it is, and more.

What Is the Destiny 2 Le Monarque?

Le Monarque is a brand-new Exotic Weapon in Destiny 2. It’s an Exotic Bow. Exotic simply means a Weapon in Destiny 2 that is rare, and therefore powerful and different looking from normal Weapons in the game. Le Monarque uses Poison Arrows, which will poison enemies once they have been charged fully. Precision hits with the Poison Arrows will spread the poison effect onto any nearby enemies, too.

It’s a powerful Bow, with attack ratings of 640 and 650 seen so far. As to how you can unlock the new Exotic Bow, however, we’d ask you read on.

Destiny 2 Le Monarque Location – How to Unlock

The third forge has recently been released as part of the Black Armory in Destiny 2. It includes many new weapons, including Le Monarque. Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 Le Monarque location is a little obtuse. Le Monarque is a completely random drop in only a small number of locations.

You will have to travel to Nessus in order to find a Le Monarque Exotic Bow in Destiny 2. It appears to be a completely random drop around the Inazami Forge location and the Gofannon Forge. Our advice to get hold of a Le Monarque Bow would be to head to one of these Forges (after you have unlocked them, of course) and to grind until one drops for you. Some people, however, have claimed that Le Monarque will drop if you are carrying frames of Exotic Weapons from last week.

Simply head to the two Forges and down some enemies while working on gathering new Weapon Frames and you should get hold of a Le Monarque Bow.