Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Watoga Brotherhood of Steel Vendor Location

Fallout 76 is full of junk, and we mean that in the nicest possible way. Just exploring the West Virginia wasteland will net you lots of random items, and while some you’ll want to keep, most you’ll want to get rid of. You can break them down and craft things out of them, or you can sell them to a vendor. In Fallout 76 Watoga is home to a special vendor that’s exclusive to members of the Brotherhood of Steel. But where is this Brotherhood of Steel vendor in Watoga? What does it look like? What special items does it have? We’ve got the answers below.

Where is the Fallout 76 Watoga Brotherhood of Steel Vendor?

The Brotherhood of Steel vendor bot is located in Watoga, which is at the very south-eastern portion of the Appalachia map, in the red area called Cranberry Bog (just under the weird metal tripod tower structure on the map). Specifically, the vendor is at Watoga Shopping Plaza, and is a blue Protectron bot named Phoenix. It can be found wandering around the plaza, often in front of the AMS Corporate Headquarters or the Super Duper mart, or just by the fast travel point for the plaza.

Please note, while Phoenix will interact with you and sell you items whether you’re part of the Brotherhood of Steel or not, you’ll probably need to join the Brotherhood in order to gain access to the bot’s higher-level items.

What Special Items Does This Vendor Have?

The Phoenix bot’s items change regularly, but for Brotherhood of Steel members he has a number of special items including high level plans for mods. He also has the Artillery Structure plan for your base. These can all be really expensive, so be prepared to sell a lot of stuff. Bear in mind there have been reports of a Cap display bug affecting some vendors, which makes it look like they don’t have any Caps. Sell something for 1 Cap to fix this bug.