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How to Get Your Lantern Back in Below

Your lantern in Below is your most precious item, and losing it when you die can be crucial in how you progress with a new adventurer. When you die – and you will die – how do you get your lantern back? Here’s how to recover your Below lantern.

Why is Your Below Lantern Important?

Below takes place in the depths underneath a mountain, and your only source of light for the vast majority of your playthrough is your lantern. You’ll need it to see where you’re going, to unlock secret passageways, and to make checkpoints at intervals.

Your lantern runs on light shards that you pick up after you defeat enemies, so you’ll have to constantly battle your way past them to keep your lantern stocked up.

How to Get Your Lantern Back in Below

There will come a time when, despite your best efforts, your adventurer will die. Your corpse will have all of your stashed items still on it, including your lantern. Once you restart with a new adventurer, retrieving your Below lantern will have to be your number one priority as you don’t get another one when you start again.

So how do you get your lantern back in Below? When you restart, bring up the game’s map by pressing the “back” button on your Xbox One controller. Your lantern icon is displayed to the right of the floor number that you are on. If your lantern is above or below the level that you’re on, you will see an “up” or “down” arrow displayed next to it. This gives you an idea of where you need to head to find it.

Make your way back to your old adventurer’s body and loot it to reclaim your lantern. Bear in mind, if you die on the way to getting it, the lantern’s location will be reset and it’ll be sent to a different level. You’ll have a harder time finding it if you do, but make sure you go and get it.