Subnautica Below Zero: How to get Spiral Plant Clipping

Crafting and progression go hand-in-hand in Subnautica Below Zero. In order to explore more dangerous biomes, you’ll need to outfit yourself with the best possible gear. Naturally, the most important pieces of equipment to craft are those that allow you to explore greater depths. And, as it turns out, both the Reinforced Dive Suit and the Seatruck Depth Upgrade Mk2 ultimately require you to find Spiral Plant Clippings. Here’s how to get Spiral Plant Clippings and the best way to farm for them quickly.

How to get Spiral Plant Clipping in Subnautica Below Zero

How to get Spiral Plant Clipping in Subnautica Below Zero

To get a Spiral Plant Clipping in Subnautica Below Zero, simply hit a Spiral Plant with your knife. Spiral Plants themselves are located within Deep Purple Vents, but they can also be found growing on Ventgardens.

The only difficult part of getting a Spiral Plant Clipping is finding a Spiral Plant. Aside from appearing on adult Ventgardens roaming the Tree Spires biome, these plants grow exclusively in the Deep Purple Vents biome.

As you could guess from the name, the Deep Purple Vents biome is a deeper level of the Purple Vents biome. And, in true Subnautica fashion, the deeper you go, the more danger you’ll encounter. Assuming you’re capable of surviving at depths between 150 and 500 meters, you’re likely to find your way into the Deep Purple Vents on the hunt for Uraninite Crystals or Lithium.

Thankfully, you won’t have to fight any monsters to get Spiral Plant Clippings. All you need to do is locate the Spiral Plant itself, then hit it with your survival knife. The plant should be pretty easy to spot: It looks almost like a white rope, featuring pale, stringy fibers wrapped with reddish spiral leaves.

Both the base knife and the Thermoblade are capable of harvesting Spiral Plant Clippings. All you need to do farm them is find Spiral Plants, then hit them with your knife. The clippings will drop, and you’ll be that much closer to crafting Synthetic Fibers. From there, you can use the fibers to craft the Reinforced Dive Suit or the Depth Upgrade Mk2. Before you dive back into the action, be sure to read up on Subnautica Below Zero’s VR gameplay options.