Is there Subnautica Below Zero VR support on PC, PS5, and PS4?

Subnautica Below Zero is a standalone expansion to the original game, and it’s out now. Many players are wond3ering if it has all of the same features as its acclaimed predecessor, however. Namely: Is there Subnautica Below Zero VR support? Here’s the need-to-know on whether or not the new Subnautica title supports virtual reality devices on PC, PS5, and PS4.

Is there a Subnautica Below Zero PC VR mode?

Subnautica Below Zero PC VR Oculus Rift S, Quest 1 and 2, HTC VIVE

Subnautica Below Zero is playable in VR on PC with the use of a modification. Players can download and install the Subnautica Below Zero VR mod to play the standalone expansion in virtual reality.

At the time of writing, unlike the original game, there is no official VR support in the new Subnautica expansion. It’s possible that Unknown Worlds Entertainment will add a virtual reality mode in the future, but for now, players need to modify the game.

Is there a Subnautica Below Zero PSVR mode for PS5 and PS4?

Subnautica Below Zero PSVR PS4 PS5

PS5 and PS4 owners can play Subnautica Below Zero in 2D on their televisions. Unfortunately, there is no Subnautica Below Zero PlayStation VR support on either of the Sony console platforms, so PSVR users will be left disappointed.

Even if the developer adds an official virtual reality mode to Below Zero, there’s no guarantee that the same functionality will come to PlayStation. The original game only supports VR on PC, with Subnautica game director Charlie Cleveland stating that “[performance] is hard enough non-VR” on PS4.

Of course, the PS5 and PSVR 2 are important new factors to consider. Although it now seems more viable for Subnautica Below Zero to support VR on PlayStation in the future, there have been no official announcements.

Since there’s already a mod adding VR support to Subnautica Below Zero on PC, is there a multiplayer modification?

Back on the PS5 front, Sony recently revealed a pair of new DualSense controllers that’ll spruce up any PlayStation 5 console.